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Happy Monday!  I've been MIA from the blogging world for the last week.  But I am back today!  Be sure to link up with myself and Heather for our hello Monday =)

Did you all have a good weekend?  We really had the best weekend in such a long time.  The weather was absolutely amazing.  We spent so much time outside, it was wonderful.  It's really difficult here in the Northeast during winter when our time outside is extremely limited.  So once the snow melts, and the temps rise...you will find us outside!

Brian and I don't get a ton of time off together, but this weekend we were both off which was great!  Friday evening we were at my inlaws for dinner, and the girls played in the driveway with chalk.  I had remembered seeing a picture like this on Pinterest, and wanted to try it with Alyx =)

I thought it came out so cute =) 

Just before we were getting ready to leave my in-laws, Alyx took a huge fall on the front porch.  I instantly thought she knocked herself out because the bang was so loud.

Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I had thought, but her poor forehead =(  She cried for so long and had a hard time catching her breath.  It's horrible when our babies get hurt.  

Saturday was opening day for Softball!  Last year Emma played for the Subway team, but Subway decided this year they didn't want to sponsor a team.  So they had to scramble to find a new sponser.  Dysarts, which is a local store stepped in, so Emma is playing for them this year.  Plus I love their new uniforms =)

She's so grown up!  She played 1st base which she was really nervous to play.  She usually plays 2nd.  But, she rocked 1st base!!  Her team won 14 to 11.  So of course a win, called for an ice cream cone after =)

Sunday we literally went outside at 9am and stayed outside until 8pm.  We did spring clean up in our yard and my inlaws.  We got so much accomplished. 
Emma had a blast because she was able to drive the side by side while we were picking up the yards.

We ended the evening with ordering out pizza with the family and eating outside while we had a bon fire, burning all the brush we picked up during the day.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!  See you back here tomorrow =)

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