What's in my bag?

Happy Thursday Friends =) 
 Yesterday, Erica who blogs over at Second House on the Right, posted yesterday about what's in her purse.  Erin at Perfectly Port has a fun monthly linkup and I figured I would join in on the fun as well =) 

So let's start!

10 things that are currently in my purse!

I have literally had this purse for what seems forever.  I'm desperately in need of a new one.  Before kids, I literally bought a new purse probably once every six months.  Coach was my brand of choice, and I must have a dozen of them.  I could probably just go shopping in my closet for a new purse! ha!

So it's suppose to be 10 things in my purse...however after I took this picture I realized I have 11 things.  Whoops!  Oh well ;)

1.  My Wallet.  It's full of rewards cards like you wouldn't believe.  It seems like every store you go into now has a "rewards" system.  And honestly, I feel like I never get anything from these rewards cards.  Does anyone else feel the same?

2. Pens and a Sharpie.

3.  I'm not a big fan of chapsticks.  I really don't like how they make my lips feel all waxy, but Alyx is obsessed with chapstick.  So I keep one for her.  This one just so happens to be cotton candy flavored.  Our dentist hands out the best flavored chapsticks ever!

4.  An extra set of car keys for my car.

5. Band-aids.  Definitely a necessity.

6. Now this one is probably weird.  A cuticle clipper.  But it comes in SO handy!!!  Especially when you have a hang nail. 

7.  An extra bottle of nail polish.  You never know when you may need some polish ;)

8.  My glasses...that I never wear ;)

9.  Body spray.  I love this scent.  Emma picked it out for me for Christmas.  Bath & Body Endless Weekend.

10.  Cough drops.  With our sickness lately, I haven't been able to live without them.

11. Lastly, a small container of Gold Bond hand lotion.  I love this stuff!

So what's in your purse??  Link up with Erin and show us =)

Also linking up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thurday =)

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