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Happy Monday Friends =) Be sure to linkup your Monday post with myself and Heather!

I hope you all had an amazing Easter!  We had one of the best Easter's we have had in a very long time =)  I honestly think this was the first Easter Brian has been off from work in about 10 years.  It was so nice for all of us to be home and able to enjoy the day.  
So here is a little Easter recap.

The girls weren't up super early, a little after 7 I think.  Alyx was SO excited to see her Easter basket.

Alyx's basket =)
The bubble gun was a HUGE hit.  She also got some candy a movie, bathing suit and towel.

Emma's basket =)
Have you ever played the game Speak Out?  Oh my goodness!  We played after dinner yesterday and we haven't laughed that hard in SO long.  So much fun!!

After the girls opened their baskets, we went outside and found some eggs.
 I can't begin to tell you just how amazing our weather was yesterday!  Absolutely gorgeous.  It had rained the night before, so the grass was a bit damp, but that was ok by the girls. 

After egg hunting we got ready for the day and I started cooking.  We had dinner at my inlaws, but my mother in law recently had surgery, so we didn't want to make her have to cook anything, so we cooked and brought it all to her.  I made turkey, a homemade strawberry cake with strawberry frosting, candied carrots, and a delicious corn casserole which I am going to share the recipe very soon!  And guess what...I didn't take a picture of any of the food.  I really should have because everything was so good.  My brother in law made a ham, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes.  We really had a ton of food!

The girls had a lot of fun outside playing all day.  It was in the 80's.  I don't recall an Easter with weather like this in a long time =)

I am in LOVE with Alyx's dress.  It has all the characters on it from her favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast.  

We ended the day with having ice cream at our favorite local ice cream shop =)

Alyx had cotton candy ice cream and Emma had her favorite, pumpkin chocolate chip =)

Also, if you have an Easter post up today showing off your kiddos Easter Baskets, be sure to link up by clicking HERE =)

Lastly, don't forget...Wednesday is Recipe Club day with Heather and I.  If you have a recipe that you love, share it with us =)

I hope you all had a great weekend, and if you live here in New England, I hope you have a great Patriots Day =)

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