Workin' It Wednesday {Keeping Your Marriage Strong}

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for their series, Workin' it Wednesday.  Today we are sharing how we make our marriages work =)

First off, marriages aren't easy.  I think every marriage goes through their ups and downs.  They are something that you both have to work at.  It's not a one way street if you will. 
Brian and I have a fairly unique marriage.  We work complete opposite hours so we see each other very little several days in a row.  Maybe that's why our marriage has worked out so well?!?! haha  just kidding!!

Brian and I met in 2004.  Started dating in February 2005, engaged in December 2005, and thennnnn found out we were pregnant in February 2006.  Things moved really quickly for us.  And to add to that Emma was born 2 months early and that put a lot of pressure on us as a couple.  It was difficult.  We have found the biggest key to our marriage is communicating with each other.  Brian and I literally talk about everything.  There isn't anything I keep from him.  He's not just my husband, he's my best friend.  No decisions are made without communicating with each other first.  

One thing we need to work on more is having more one on one time with each other.  This has always been a difficult area for us.  I think it's because we rely on our parents to watch our girls during our crazy work hours, that we feel guilty asking them to watch them on our days off so we can have date nights.  We do manage to get out every once in a while, but it's something we both feel needs to happen more often.  But we do enjoy our evenings together after the girls have gone to bed =)

Like I said, our marriage isn't perfect, it's far from it.  But I honestly can not imagine going through this life with anyone else by my side.

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