Nail Polish Exchange {Reveal}

Happy Tuesday =)  Today myself, Heather, Justine and Jennifer are linking up together and showing off our nail polish goodies from our swap.  So if you joined us in this swap, be sure to link up today =)

I love these swaps =)  And I am so thankful that Heather, Justine and Jennifer co-hosted along with me.  I cannot wait to see what everyone received.  

I was paired up with Erica from Second House on the Right.  I've "known" Erica for quite a while now and she is so incredibly sweet.  She and her husband just welcomed twin girls into their family!  The girls are absolutely adorable, and just turned 4 months old =)  You need to check out her blog to see those cute girlies!!
So Erica rocked this swap!

There really is nothing more fun than coming home and finding a package on the doorstep.  Especially when you know it's just for you!!

Erica wrapped it up sooo cute!  
The polishes Erica picked for me really couldn't have been any more me! 

I mentioned to Erica that I was on the hunt for the perfect darker berry color.  This OPI Miami Beet is perfection!  And this dark grey...LOVE!!  

Erica didn't stop there.  I told you guys, she is the sweetest, and she sent my girls a little something as well =)

Emma got a bag with a note that said to Emma but apparently I forgot to take a picture of it...whoops!

To say they were excited is an understatment!!!

They each got 2 bottles of nail polish
and a sheet of nail stickers!

So so fun!  Alyx immediately needed her nails painted.  She got nail stickers that have doughnuts on them and she wanted them put on her thumbs =)

Thank you again Erica for everything!!  Make sure to check Erica's blog to see what we sent her =)

If you joined in on this up below =)
Have a great Tuesday!

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