hello Monday

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a good weekend =)  Link up your Monday post below!

We had a really really great weekend here.  Brian and I were both off the entire weekend which is unusual!  Brian usually works on Friday nights, but he actually had the night off which was great.  We ordered out pizza and watched a movie with the girls.
Saturday morning we headed to my parents to drop the girls off the day/night.  It's a rarity that Brian and I actually are able to go out with friends, and my mom offered to watch the girls so I was definitely excited =)

We went to dinner to a place called The Sea Dog.  It was delish.  We ate far too much, but we had so much fun getting out and having some adult time =)

Sunday we went and picked the girls up and basically stayed around the house all day.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  It hit 50 degrees at one point in the day!

So that meant, the sun roof was open on our drive to get the girls =)
Oh Spring, I long for you!!

Sunday evening we had movie and pop corn night...and brownie sundaes too =)

The girls watched Tangled.  Alyx loves it.

And the mini brownie sundaes were so good!  My mom made the brownies and sent the pan of them back with the girls  =)

I hope you all had a great weekend as well.  Emma is on school vacation this week, but we don't have a lot planned since we still have to work.  I'm sure we will manage to fit some fun stuff in there though =) 
Have a great day!

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