hello Monday

Hello! Happy Monday =)  We are in the middle of a snow blizzard here in the Northeast, so today is going to consist of staying inside and not going out at all.  Let's recap the weekend a bit!

Friday evening we went to a birthday party for our friends little girl who just turned 2!  Alyx had an amazing time and when we got home she immediately crashed.  She was definitely tuckered out.  

Saturday I worked, but Saturday evening was the father/daughter Valentines Day dance.  Unfortunately Brian wasn't able to get the evening off from work to take Emma, but his dad stepped in as Emma's date.

She's so grown up!

We were able to get some pictures in before Brian left for work =)

Emma with Pop and her 2 cousins.  
Emma had so much fun.  She said she danced and danced =)  They also went out for dinner.

Yesterday we worked all day.  And last night we watched the movie, Trolls about 10 times.  And then Emma picked the movie, Middle School-The Worst Years of my Life.  I think the next day or so is going to be all about staying home and watching movies.

I saw this on facebook last night, and laughed.

Oh so true.  Like I mentioned, we are in the middle of a big snowstorm.  We are suppose to get close to 30 inches of snow.  I'm not exactly looking forward to it.  So far we probably have 12-14 inches.  Plus the wind is insane.  I stopped at the grocery store last night to get just a couple of things, and this was the meat area.

Nothing.  No hamburg, chicken, pork or steak.  It was insane!!

I hope you all have a great Monday!  I will see you back here tomorrow =)

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