Thoughts for Thursday

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately and I mean a lot is the working mom guilt.
 It seems like the older the girls get, the worse it gets.  And unfortunately me staying at home with the girls just isn't an option for us.  I can't begin to tell all you stay at home moms how jealous of you I am!  Raising two girls with the jobs that my husband and I have is just plain difficult. 
 We don't work Monday-Friday 7am-3pm like most people.  We work 10 hour and 12 hour days.  Our days also include nights and weekends.  I am thankful that I no longer work nights, but Brian is still working night shift.  The crappy part of my job is even after I have put in 40 hours a week, if someone needs the day off or calls in sick, I am up for being forced into work.  It's not fun especially when it's a Saturday and you have plans with your kids.  It's heartbreaking to have to break those plans and then tell the girls that Mommy has to work instead.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for a good job and great benefits, but I also miss out on a lot with both of my girls.

I miss swim meets that Emma participates in.  

Her classroom teacher was looking for a parent to come in every Friday for a couple of hours to help out and Emma was so excited to ask me to do it, and then I had to tell her I couldn't because I work every Friday.

And then there are the missed Holidays because of work.  I can certainly put in for Holidays off, and I always do, however if someone more senior to me wants it off, then they get the day off.  Not me.  
Then icing on the cake is finding daycare on weekends for the girls.  My in-laws have always been really good about taking them, but there are some weekends that they have plans.  It stresses me to the limit not knowing where they are going to go when I'm working.  

We've been praying for something in our family to happen for a while.  I will hopefully be able to update more on that sooner than later.  But lots of prayers sent our way would be wonderful!!

If you are a working mom, how do you deal with the working mom guilt?  I've been hoping it would get easier, but it isn't.  How nice it would be to work Monday-Friday =)  
That's my thought for Thursday today.
Have a great day everyone =)

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