Temperature Blanket

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  We are in the middle of a really cold spell in our area.  We've had a weird winter where one day it's 40 degrees and then the next it's absolutely freezing  Have you ever heard of a temperature blanket?  As of recent I had no idea what it was.  And then my blog buddy Jennifer from Sweet Little Lovings posted a photo on Instagram of a temperature blanket that she was crocheting.  And then I googled it, and wanted to make one my self.  

So basically your color is coordinated with whatever the temperature of the day is.  Like the temperature grid above.  So if you wake up and the high of the day is 24 degrees, then you are going to knit across one row in the teal.  So at the end of the year you will have a really fun bright colored blanket. Yes, it takes a year to make.  I chose my own colors to go with the temperatures.

These are the first 5 colors of the blanket.  Since it hasn't been super super warm I haven't even purchased the colors past aqua yet.

I wanted to start it from the beginning of the year, but I got a late start on it, so I went to the national weather service website and got the temperatures in my town for the last few weeks.

So far this is what I have.  I still have a couple of days to catch up on, but it's easy because it's only one row per day.

I am really anxious to see the final blanket.  But it's still going to be a long time before it's finished.  

Thanks Jennifer for the idea =) 
Have any of you ever made a temperature blanket?  I would love to see it if you have =)
Hope you all have a great day!

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