Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Friends!  I feel like I have been in such a blogging rut lately.  I am desperately trying my hardest to get out of it, because blogging is something that I truly love doing.  I think between juggling work and after school activities, we've just been too busy and that leaves very little time to sit down and actually post.  I need a personal planner in my life to organize everything for me! Ha! =)
Anyway...so Emma had her second swim meet of the season last weekend.  I was excited because I was off from work and we were all able to go =)

I'm still learning all the swim lingo, but she swam in 3 heats.  She came in 1st place in 2 of the heats, the 50 free style and also the 100 free style.  The 3rd heat was a 200 relay.  She did really well in that event, but they came up a bit short.  Free style is definitely her favorite.  I'm very proud of how well not only Emma did but the entire team.  This team is kids ages 5 to 17.  And the older kids are absolutely amazing with the younger kids.  Cheering them on and helping them.  It's really great.  And can I just say for a minute how completely different we have found swim parents to be from basketball parents?!?!  We've done both, and the swim parents are so nice and I love hearing them cheer on other kids and not only theirs.  We didn't experience that with basketball which is sad.  Emma has found her sport for sure.  

Last night while at swim practice I got a text from my mother in law who was watching Alyx.  All it said was "Umm Alyx is throwing up everywhere".  My poor girl.  We headed to the store after swim and loaded up on Popsicles, ginger-ale and Gatorade.  We snuggled in the recliner for a few hours and watched a couple of movies.  

She looked up at me at one point and said "Momma your little girl is sick"  Talk about wanting to cry when she said that!  Ugh.  I hate when my girls aren't feeling well.  I was really worried we were going to be in for a long night.  But she did a lot better than I expected her to. We're laying low today and staying home all day.

Since Emma had a good swim meet (and she is spoiled rotten by my parents) my mom surprised her Saturday afternoon with the LL Bean duck boots she has been wanting.

I had boots like this when I was her age, and everyone hated them!  Whenever I wore them I would throw a fit because I knew people would make fun of me.  Ugh kids can be so mean.  But now they are in the in boot.  And I'm glad because I love them still and I love the ones I have too.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! =)
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  1. That's awesome that Emma placed in her swim meet! I want Zachary to do swimming this summer maybe. He's self taught but I think he's pretty good at it!

  2. I can't imagine swimming where you live, but I'm sure the pool is heated. My niece swims competitively and just set a record for the state of Arkansas. Good luck to your sweet girl!

  3. Way to go Emma!!! So excited she has found her sport in swimming!! Poor little Alyx!! I sure hope she feels better soon!! And Emma is totally rocking those boots …Your parents are so sweet!!

  4. Way to go Emma!! That is awesome! S glad she has found her spot!!
    Poor Alyx! I hope she feels better soon and no one else gets sick!!
    Love the Duck Boots! Ella really wants a pair!

  5. YAY, Emma!! Swimming was one of my favorite sports as a kid! Has Emma tried butterfly?? It's such a challenging stroke, but easily the coolest of them all (in my opinion ;)).
    So sorry Alyx wasn't feeling well. I hope she's on the mend.
    And, yes! Duck boots were so not cool when I was a kid, and now I want a pair in the worst way! So fun that Emma received a pair from your parents!

  6. Hey! I was wondering if you are going to do a post on Universal Studios and Harry Potter World?

  7. Emma!!!! That is stinking awesome. So happy she found something she loves to do and it thriving at it. You had to be SO proud.

  8. Wow, go Emma!! And poor Alyx, so sorry she was sick. Hope she is feeling better!

  9. Ughhh sick days are the worst. Hope everyone else stayed healthy!

  10. I love seeing your IG posts on Emma's swim updates! She's doing so well! Hope Alyx is on the mend soon....I'm new to it, but I hate seeing the kiddos sick. Breaks my heart.

  11. I am currently sick right now... something is moving across the country. I am hoping to wake up tomorrow and feel better.