Christmas Pajama Party

Happy Thursday!  In just 3 days it will be Christmas!  Can you believe it?  The girls are so beyond excited it's crazy.  Last night we stayed up far too late watching Christmas movies, but Emma only has today left of school and she's on Christmas break.  So I figured it would be ok to stay up a bit later.  =)

Is there anything cuter than matching Christmas pajamas?  I've always had fun buying Christmas pajamas for Emma, but when I was pregnant with Alyx and found out I was having another girl, I'm not going to lie one of my first thoughts was "Matching pajamas!" haha A couple of weeks ago I found some matching pj's at JcPenney, but honestly they were a crazy price for them.  Now let's fast forward to the other day.  I walk into JcPenney to find them at 80% off! Making them $4.97 a piece.  I scooped them up and couldn't wait to get the girls ready for bed that night =)

The angle of this picture makes my tree look really really small! 
I thought these nightgowns were just too cute =)
After I took these pictures, I found them cuddled up in bed with my iPad watching a 
Christmas movie <3

Previous years I did matching pj's from Hanna Andersson

And also matching pj's from American Girl for not only the girls but their baby dolls too 

Have a great Thursday everyone!!
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  1. Love their matching pjs! and 80% off....yes please!!
    So cute!

  2. Johannah, those pajamas are adorable. I wish my kids would match, but one likes a lot of bling while another likes tractors and bulldozers. Hahaha :) Have a great day!

  3. So cute!! You scored a great deal on those pajamas!

  4. Girl!!! What a steal for those adorable nightgowns! I love getting nightgowns for my girls- because when they get too short to wear by themselves- you can add some comfy PJ pants with them and get even more wear out of them!! Have a great day friend!

  5. Those nightgowns are THE cutest!! And talk about a killer deal for them! Well played!

  6. Sweet girls! I LOVE those night gowns. My girls would absolutely love those. They are HUGE night gown fans. Have a very merry Christmas!