Road Trip Ideas {Tuesday Talk}

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  We made it through Monday, now to get through the rest of the week!  We are counting down the days until our vacation.  10 days to be exact now.  I've mentioned it before, but we are driving to Florida from Maine.  I know, I know, people think we are crazy, but we have done it once before and it really wasn't bad at all.  I haven't even began to pack yet, but the next two days I am off from work, and that's my plan to get us all packed up.  
 So today I am going to share some pins I found on Pinterest that I plan on using for the ride to and from Florida =)

Last time we went on a long road trip my biggest issue was trash in the car.  Between snacks and just anything that needed be thrown away I didn't just want a bag laying around that would spill and what not.  So I found this idea and we used it.

We just used a dog food container, and ours has a handle on it.  So it was easy to pass back and forth from the front seat to the backseat for the kids to throw their trash away.  I packed a ton of little trash bags and everytime we stopped at a rest area or what not, I would just toss the bag. It made it so easy and our car wasn't a mess by the time we got to our destination!

My mom found this idea and thought I should do this for the girls...

This looks great and all, however I can see this sliding off their laps and falling onto the floor and making a huge mess.  Not fun in my book ;) 
I thought these would be a lot better for each of them.

These seem like a much better idea.  Diaper wipe cases filled with snacks for each of them.  I thought about maybe letting them decorate their snack box before we leave.  That way they each have their own and there is no fighting ;)

I also want to have on hand coloring books, crayons, markers, colored pencils and paper.  Last time we kept everything in Emma's backpack but that got to be kind of a pain.  So I am going to use this idea.

This can be on the floor in front of them and if they need something it's easily accessible.  This weekend I plan on going to the Dollar Tree and stocking up on all new crayons and books for them.  It's always fun to have something new to play with in the car.

We've also got a few new DVD's for both girls.  Thankfully they are able to watch their own movies.  They don't have to watch the same one.  Kindles and Ipads will also get a few new games on them too.

So does anyone have any good road trip tips to lessen boredom?  I'll take any advice!! 

Also, don't forget tomorrow is Heather and I's monthly recipe club!  Be sure to grab our graphic and linkup with us =)

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!  
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  1. I was thinking the same thing about the snack box falling over! I love your idea! I am also going on a road trip next week, might have to borrow a few ideas.

  2. GREAT tips! We are taking a road trip this summer for our vacation and I HATE the garbage/mess in the car. What a great idea for a trash bin. I also like the idea of the snack packs because my kids want to snack all the time on road trips and those look a lot better than stopping at gas stations and picking up bags of cheetos :) Have a great day!

  3. Great Tips! I need that trash can for daily use in my car! The wipe container with snacks is genius! I generally let my kids pack their "car bag" and it always consist of notebooks, coloring books, crayons, etc! and I'm just like you...add new games and movies to the iPads! HA
    Good Luck! I can't wait to hear all about it!!
    Wave to us as you come through GA!!

  4. That trash container is genius! We need something like that for our car, but for always! Sometimes we're stuck in unexpected traffic, and there are always snack bags and whatnot that have no place to go (except the floor)! And the snack containers are so smart too!

  5. That car trash can isn't genius. I need that for everyday life!!! And I love the snack box idea too!

  6. I have had a trash container like that for quite a while and I LOVE it. It falls over all the time though :/. YAYAYAY for vacation. I hope y'all have an amazing drive.

  7. The trash container is a great idea. I've thought of that, we usually just have random McDonald's bags full of trash!! DVD players, tablets, and laptops make our road trips more bearable, too!

    1. Oh, and new movies! I hit up the $5 movie bin at Walmart before our last vacation!

  8. These are great ideas for a long road trip!! How long is the drive for you guys? Where are you staying? I love Disney so much! I'm so jealous!!