Hi Friends!  And Happy Wednesday!  This week is flying right by it seems.  Soon the weekend will be upon us =)  Today I am linking up with the fabulous Shay & Erika for their series, Stranded!

Today we are talking about our favorite Halloween Candy!  

This may sound odd, but I am not a candy lover.  Meaning, sweet and sour type stuff.  Skittles, nerds, sugary type candy do nothing for me.  But put chocolate in my face and I'm all over it! ha!   My absolute favorite Halloween candy that would come with me to a stranded island would be.....

These are AH-Mazing!  They even taste better (in my opinion) than a normal peanut butter cup.  I love every season when they come out with these.  Pumpkins, Trees and Eggs.  I wish they made them like this all year round!  I love love love them!

My girls love that I don't take their starburst and skittles Halloween candy...but they better be aware if they leave Snickers around ;)

Yup.  I love the little bite size snickers =)

And lastly, these...

Fun size 100 Grand are delish!  
I found these online and thought they were very fitting for today =)

So there you have it!! =)  

I hope you all have a great day!! =)