Hello Monday...Hello October

Happy Monday Friends!  And Happy October!!

October is officially here!  We had a great weekend and I hope you did as well =)  

Saturday morning started off with our local Farmers Market.  There is something about the fall Farmers Market that I just love.  

Every Saturday they have a lady there that makes homemade crepes, and Emma had really wanted to try one.  Well it was a cool fall morning, and I thought why not.  She chose a nutella crepe with whipped cream.  I tried a bite and it was delish!  

Saturday afternoon I finally did a Pinterest pumpkin project I had been wanting to try.  And so many of you have blogged about this as well.  

A can of bronze metallic spray paint and a cheapo plastic pumpkin from Walmart. Spray a coat of the spray paint evenly over the pumpkin.

When it's dry, set a small planter of mums inside the pumpkin.

I love how it turned out!  It was by far the easiest Pinterest project I have ever done =)

Emma and I also got to cross off another item on our fall bucket list!

Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks for the win!

We also made some more pumpkin treats this weekend.

I used my pumpkin bread recipe, and made muffins out of them.  The girls love being able to just grab one, they are delish =)

Sunday afternoon my friend Lindsay dropped off corn stalks to me and I was able to get the outside of our house decorated a bit for fall.

It's far from perfect, and I still have a few things here and there that I need to do, but for the most part it's done.

Last night ended with the girls going to bed super early, and me getting caught up on some favorite TV shows.  Can I just say how amazing the new show This is Us is??  Seriously I haven't seen such a good show in a long time.  Chicago Fire & PD with always have my heart...but this new show is right up there!  If you haven't watched it...do it right now!!

And since the weekend is over, we are back to making school lunches.

Emma's lunches need some pizazz.  I am in desperate need of lunch ideas.  She's not too picky which is great..so if you have lunch ideas...send them my way!!

Have a great Monday...and don't forget to grab the graphic and link up below =)
See you back here tomorrow =)