hello Monday =)

Hello Monday!  And Happy Halloween!!

The girls are so excited to go out this evening and trick-or-treat!  Tomorrow I will share our adventure doing that and their costumes, but today I am recapping our weekend =)  Link up below!

Friday after I got out of work my mother in law, Alyx and I went out to Chilis for dinner.  Brian and Emma went out to camp with the rest of the family for the night.  So we had a girls night.  We indulged in copious amounts of chips and salsa, and ended the night with a dish of ice cream from sweet frog =)

Saturday morning Alyx and I headed to the farmers market where she got a chocolate chip cookie larger than the size of her head!

It was HUGE!!  And delicious too! 

Did you happen to know that Saturday was National Chocolate Day?  Well I didn't until that afternoon, and we made some homemade hot chocolate.

So so good!

Later in the afternoon Alyx started not feeling the greatest at all.  We snuggled up on the couch with Emma and watched Hocus Pocus =)

The night ended like this...

And Sunday morning started like this...

Thankfully as the day went on, she started feeling a ton better!!  
Yesterday we had her 3rd Birthday Party =)  Her Birthday isn't until this coming Saturday, but it was the only time we were able to do the party.  She had a TON of fun and so enjoyed opening presents.  That will be a post of it's own =)

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have an excellent Halloween!!!