A bit of life lately

Good Morning!  And happy Thursday Friends =)  Things are about to get busy around here.  Our lazy evenings at home are about to be changed by late basketball practices.  So let the crock-pot meals commence!  And please, if you have any good crock-pot meals, share away with me!  

So basketball starts this evening for Emma.  She tossed and tossed around the idea of joining the swim club this season instead of basketball, but ultimately chose basketball in the end.  And this Mama is happy because Swim was 4 nights a week with practices getting over at 9pm and then meets on the weekends.  So thankful she chose basketball! ha! =)

Several months ago my dad gave me an old barn board that came from our camp.  It's been sitting at his house since then, and I finally had him bring it to me the other day.  I painted on it and stuck it up on my front porch, and I like the way it turned out =)

It will be fun decorating this area for all the different seasons =)

Alyx and I went into Target the other day, except she fell asleep just as we pulled into the parking lot.

Such a diva!  Sleeping with her Minnie Mouse glasses on ;) 

We are always always, well I shouldn't say We, I am always getting in school lunch ruts.  I ordered a thermos from Amazon for Emma and it's been the best thing ever! 

I made corn chowder the other night for dinner and I put some in Emma's thermos for lunch the next day.  Before she leaves in the morning I heat it up nice and hot and at lunch time at school it's still hot.  She loves it and I would highly recommend it.  You can find it by clicking HERE.

Have any of your kiddos seen the movie Spookley the Square Pumpkin?  If not, this movie is a MUST!  Emma has watched it the last several years and at 10 years old still enjoys it.  Alyx watched it for the first time last night, and loved it.  It's about a pumpkin who is square and not round like a normal pumpkin.  He gets teasted and taunted by other pumpkins until he meets a Scarecrow who helps him out.  It's a really great movie =)

So the girls watched that and I popped some popcorn and added a few Halloween colored M&M's to it.  The girls enjoyed it =)

That's all I have for today.  I hope everyone has a great Thursday!  See you back here tomorrow =)


  1. I can't blame you one bit for being so happy she didn't chose swim. It is INTENSE. LOVE those Minnie sunglasses too. Happy almost Friday!

  2. I use that same thermos for Brayden! He loves pasta or mac n cheese for lunch so that helps a ton! And I'm so bummed, I tried DVR'ing Spookly the Square Pumpkin (my kids LOVE it) but each time we went to watch it, it really was a Halloween Mickey not Spookly! So I need to see if it will be airing again! And I love that sign you made!

  3. LOVE how your signs turned out friend!! And SO neat that the wood is from your parents' camp!! Alex CRACKS ME UP! She seems like such a sweet, little diva ;) And thank you so much for the suggestion on the movie!! We have been needing some new movies for our friday pizza night- the girls will be so excited to watch this one! :) Hope you have a great day friend!

  4. Your sign looks great! It's the perfect addition to your porch! Oh my goodness, Alyx looks so cute! Hope you're having a great day!

  5. That sign is so great!!
    Where can I find this pumpkin movie?? Is it on Netflix? Amazon Prime? We are always looking for good movies for Marcus, and always come up short (he hates anything remotely scary).

  6. Your sign looks great!!
    Alyx and those glasses! HA.
    We haven't watched that movie yet! Ian would probably think he is way to cool but Ella would love it!!
    Have a great weekend friend.

  7. A friend of mine who has a little girl in K was in the same lunch rut and I suggested a thermos for warm foods. It provides you will so many different lunch options.

  8. I've been wanting to learn to make chowder! Great fall food.