What's Up Wednesday...On Thursday =)

Hi!  So today I am linking up a day late with with the fabulous Mel, Shaeffer and Shay for, What's up Wednesday =)  I posted yesterday about Noah's Bandaid Project.  You find that post HERE.  So today, Thursday, i'm sharing my What's Up Wednesday on Thursday =)

Heather and I host a monthly recipe club, and I have been trying new recipes that some sweet bloggers shared.  Jessica from Life. Love. Reality shared her pulled pork recipe. Monday I made it.

So easy!  I used a 3lb boneless pork roast, sliced one sweet yellow onion, and then added a 12oz can of Coca Cola.  Put it in the crockport on low for 8 hours.  Then I shredded it and added Sticky Fingers BBQ sauce to it.  Easy and everyone loved it.  Thank you Jessica for sharing this recipe =)  And if you are interested in our Recipe Club, grab our graphic and please join us next month on October 19th! 

 Summer.  I love love fall.  But I do miss our lazy summer evenings and time spent at the pool.

I am LOVING the fall nailpolish colors again.  All summer I've worn pinks,light purples and teals.  Now that Fall is here.  I'm wearing dark polish's again and I love it!

We've been crossing things off our Fall bucket list!  We've been to the pumpkin patch and apple picking!

At this point.  Nothing!  And that is amazing!!!

I am working on refinishing this beauty =)

 I got this old sewing table when Brian's grandmother passed away.  I can't wait for the finished product =)

59 Days! We cannot wait!!!  I'm ready to see some Palm Trees and let's face it, Mickey and Minnie ;)

All over blogland people have been talking about the new show on NBC, This is Us.

I watched it the other day, only one episode had aired so far, and Oh. My. Goodness!  If you haven't watched it, you must!  I went from laughing, to crying, and then laughing again, and then bawling.  It's an amazing show and an amazingly talented cast.  You must watch!!

My current playlist.

That is still to be determined.  But Brian and I both have the weekend off!  I'm sure it will involve something outside as long as it's nice out =)

More fall related stuff!  Getting the girls Halloween costumes, and enjoying this time of the year with them =)

Not a whole lot.  It's been crazy busy around here, and sports season is starting very soon and then we will be even more busy!!

Bonus questions: Favorite Fall Recipe. 
 Last week for the Recipe Club I shared my pumpkin bread recipe.  It's good!!  If you haven't made it yet, you must!!

And here is the recipe for you =)

It's delish!  

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!  See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites =)


  1. I love these post!! I'm excited for your Disney trip, too!! I can't wait to see all the pictures.
    I love so much in this post! Your fall nail polish 😍 And This is Us... oh my goodness. :)
    Happy Thursday friend.

  2. OMG I am so jealous about your Disney trip!!! I'm actually just starting to plan ours for next year, eeeek!! I can't wait to read all about yours!

    I also can't wait to see what you do with that table!

  3. This Is Us may be on track to be the best show ever. I LOVE that everyone is RAVING about it in the blog world. 59 days... EEEEKKKKK!!!! You are SO very close lady. That pulled pork looks fantastic too.

  4. I need to pick up a few fall colored nail polishes!! And then I need to find a time where I can paint them without them getting smudged five minutes later! Ha! So happy that both you and Brian have the weekend off… I know those are few and far between :-) hope you have a great day friend!

  5. I loved This Is Us. The 2nd episode was just as good! I'm so jealous you are going to Disney and can't wait to hear all about it!!

  6. Yes, I agree with Dara...the 2nd episode of This is Us was just as good. So excited for your Disney trip...and a weekend off together! :)

  7. Different For Girls is one of my FAVORITE songs. I love love love the message in it.

  8. Yay for having the weekend off with your sweetie! I know juggling the weekends you both work has been stressful! I hope you guys enjoy spending some quality time together!! And speaking of quality time...59 days!!! Eeek!! I am so excited for you! Disney really is the happiest place on earth! I bet your girls are ecstatic!!

  9. YAY for DISNEY! And for the weekend off! And pumpkins! So much great stuff this month!