Life Lately

Happy Wednesday Friends! I am finally getting around to recap the last week.  It's been insanely busy around here, and I'm afraid it's only going to get busier! ha!

Emma started her first day of 5th grade last Thursday.  Insert lots of crying here :(  I cannot believe that this is her last year of Elementary School.  I'm so thankful she has a great elementary school experience.  The teachers and staff at her school are nothing but amazing.  We are definitely going to miss them next year when she's off to Middle School.

When she mentioned to me that she was going to wear sneakers with a dress on the first day I will admit, I cringed.  But there comes a time when you just have to let them dress the way they want.  And her outfit ended up turning out pretty cute =)

She loves her new teacher, and the coolest thing about 5th grade so far for her...they get breakfast delivered to their classroom every morning at 8:15, and they work and eat.  She thinks that is just the best thing ever! ha! 

We have 1 room in our house that we haven't really done anything to since we moved in almost 10 years ago.  Our house is small.  So our laundry room is also our mudroom and it's teeny tiny.  It's always been a room that I hated.  Well our of the blue the other day Brian painted it for me a light grey.  And then the next day he put down a new floor.  I should have take a complete before and after but I didn't really think of it.  But here is our yucky floor that was in there (I had it covered up with a rug so you really never saw it)

And where it is yellowed is where the rug was.  It was really gross.  

Here is the after.

It's nothing fancy, but I love it!  The girls *finally* have a place to hang their backpacks and that is a huge thing for me.  No more throwing it on the kitchen table when they get home.  And they also have a little bench to sit on to put their shoes on.  They each have a bin under this bench with their name on it and all their shoes are in there.  I'm in love with it =)

Next week Emma will be 10.  Seriously, 5th grade and almost 10.  Ugh.  The time goes by so fast.  Brian and I have been talking about getting her a cell phone since she is really busy with after school activities and sports.  And we finally caved and gave it to her the other day.

She got my old iPhone with no data plan what so ever.  They actually were able to block the data completely which made me happy.  She's only able to call and text.  She was in heaven though =)

I'm realizing this post is pretty much all about Emma.  Alyx is alive and well though and full of it! Here is one picture of her at the park the other day.

She was waiting for a couple of her little friends to get there so she could play with them.

My parents came down the other day and took us all to Japanese Hibachi for dinner.  It's Emma's absolute favorite place and it was an early birthday dinner for her.

The food was delicious and our chef was really good.  He was very interactive which makes it even more fun =)

We ended the evening with a little ice cream at our favorite local homemade ice cream shop =)

Emma had pumpkin chip ice cream, she said it was really good!

So there you have a little recap of life lately around here.  I hope you all have a great Wednesday!