Pinspiration Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  I took yesterday off from this little ole' blog just because life got busy.  I had all intentions of getting a post up, but it just didn't happen.  It's summer, the weather has been simply amazing and we've been enjoying a ton of outdoor time =)
Today I am linking up with the amazing Justine, Erica and Leigh for their monthly linkup, Pinspiration Wednesday =)

This month is all about Crock-Pot recipes.  Whoever it is that invented the Crock-Pot needs to be given a big high-five!!  What an amazing invention, and I feel like they have become so popular over the last couple of years.  They are honestly the busy moms best friend!  And there are millions of recipes for them.  
So here are some of our favs!

Chicken Taco soup is by far one of my favorite meals to do in the crockpot.  It's simple simple!

You can find the recipe for it HERE
It actually calls for a bottle of beer in it, and the original recipe said you could substitute it for Chicken broth.  It's ok, but the beer makes it!  

This pot roast is so good!

I was really skeptical of the ingredients at first, but they all come together and make this the best pot roast ever.

Did you know that you can do "baked" potatoes in the crock-pot!?!  I didn't until just recently!

The best thing about these is you don't have to heat up your kitchen on a hot summer evening if you want baked potatoes to go with dinner =)  And they are delicious ;)

I have shared my meatball recipe before, but why not share it again!  These crock-pot meatballs are so good =)

These are great served over rice as well.

Another favorite of ours is Crock-Pot Chicken Fajitas.  So simple, and easy to put together in the morning and by the time you are home from work, it's done !

Just add soft tortillas, some cheese and a bit of sour cream and you're done!

And this totally made me chuckle =)


Thank you ladies for hosting this fun monthly linkup =)  
Have a great Wednesday!!