Hello Monday

Hello!  And Happy Monday!  I can't even begin to tell you all how crazy and busy life has been around here the last few days!  So let's recap a bit =)

One of my very favorite things about my drive to work in the early mornings is the sunrises.  They are seriously amazing some mornings.  And there are many mornings I wish I could just sit and watch them, but most mornings I am in a hurry but the other morning I was able to take a quick picture of one.

The picture honestly doesn't do it justice at all.  But it certainly was beautiful.

Friday Emma finished basketball camp.  She absolutely loved it but man oh man was she exhausted at the end of the day.

There were a lot of girls there, and Emma said they learned so much.

This is how Friday ended for Emma.

She even sprained her finger while at basketball camp.  

Saturday morning I had to work super early, and again we ran into a childcare issue, but I am so thankful for amazing friends who let me bring the girls over to their house bright and early and kept them for a good part of the day =)

The girls had a blast playing with their friends.

When I picked them up, Alyx was absolutely exhausted from playing so hard.  

Later in the afternoon we packed up and headed to my parents for the night.  

Of course the first thing the girls did was jump right into the pool.  They both should have been born fish! =)

Yesterday we headed even further north, almost to Canada..and i'm not joking! ha  =)  My parents camp is near the Canadian border and my dad needed Brians help building a deck for the front of the camp.

The view is beautiful.  I wish we could go there more often, but it's close to 4 hours away from our house.

Don't mind the way Alyx is dressed...it was cold and she refused to take her dress off so we layered! ha!  Isn't the heart in the tree cool?!? 
We headed back home late afternoon, and made the 4 hour drive.  So needless to say we are all exhausted and I wish I had a few days off to recover from a busy weekend! ha!  I hope you all had a great weekend!
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