Hello Monday

Hi!  And Hello Monday!  =)  This is our last Monday of summer vacation.  Thursday Emma starts 5th grade.  5th!  Seriously, where did all these years go?!  I can't even think about this being her last year of Elementary school...so let's move on for now! ha! =)  Link up your Monday posts below =)

Don't forget to grab the new graphic =)

We had a crazy busy weekend.  The weekends I work it's always hectic.  Getting the girls picked up around 5pm, getting dinner, and then bedtime routine.  There isn't too much time for play mixed in there on these weekends.  Friday evening we did make it to the park for a bit.  But oh my gosh it was so hot!  Trust me, I would take hot weather over cold any day, but we didn't stay too long because it was really humid. 

Emma was rocking the Surf Style t-shirt for sure!  My brother in law bought it for her and she is in LOVE with this shirt!  Brings back lots of memories from the 90's for me =)

The rest of the weekend was pretty blah.  We didn't do a whole lot in the evening on Saturday.  Yesterday the girls went to camp for the day and I headed there when I got out of work.  It's a bit of a drive there, and we got home pretty late last night.  

The sunrise yesterday morning was absolutely beautiful.  If you know me, then you know I am a huge sucker for sunrises and sunsets.  

The sky looked like it was on fire behind me.  Beautiful!  

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!  Feel free to link up below =)