Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!! The weekend is almost upon us!

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It's so funny how you can have 2 kids, and they are completely different.  Emma and Alyx are like night and day.  Emma has always been quiet and won't take anything without asking first.  And then there is Alyx.  She's not quiet.  And she doesn't tend to ask when she wants something, she just gets it.  So while I was in the shower yesterday she helped herself to a lollipop, or two, or three, or four....or well how about 9!

I laughed but also told her that she needs to ask before getting into them.  I was certain she understood what I was saying...and then this happened after dinner last night...

I hid them, and she found them!  Apparently my hiding spot wasn't good enough ;) 

Emma went to my parents house on Monday morning, and Wednesday morning she and my mom left for southern Maine to spend the night and go school shopping.  They also did some sightseeing.

She looks sooo grown up here.  They visited a couple of lighthouses, and then they went to the Garmin store.  Home of the worlds largest Globe.

See Emma there?  She looks pretty tiny compared to that globe! 

I came up with a new Graphic for my Hello Monday linkup.  Make sure you grab it =)

Alyx and I enjoyed running errands on Wednesday, but we definitely missed Emma!

I hope you all have a great Friday!  And an amazing weekend!!

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