Hello Monday

Happy Monday!!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We had a very rainy and chilly weekend here, but we still had fun.  Let's recap =)

Friday was a rarity in our house.  Brian was off from work!  He normally works every Friday night, and it was so nice to have him home.  We made a trip into town got takeout for dinner and headed back home.

We ate in the living room and got caught up on all the news on Dallas.  I'm still extremely heartbroken about this.  It's so hard for me to wrap my brain around what is happening in our own country, and the world we are bringing our kids up in.  

I snapped this picture of the girls Friday evening.

These girls love their Dad, their hero.  

Saturday was spent pretty much hanging around the house, running a few errands, and then we had dinner at my in laws.  I had to work for a few hours Saturday evening, and I was exhausted, so Starbucks helped keep me awake =)

Sunday morning was cold and rainy so we hung out at the house watching cartoons and drinking coffee.

Later in the afternoon we went with some friends to the Childrens Museum.  The girls had a blast!

Alyx loved it because nothing was off limits.  She could touch every thing!!  
After a local Mexican restaurant was having a Law Enforcement night where they were offering free dinners to Officers along with their families.  We went with friends and all the kids, and had a super yummy meal =)  And it was an amazingly thoughtful gesture of the restaurant to do.  It was nice to have dinner with a huge law enforcement family. 

After a busy afternoon at the museum and dinner out, Alyx didn't have a nap all day and she was such a trooper!  As soon as we got home she had a bath and watched a tv show and was out cold.  Before she fell asleep though we played around on Snapchat a big ;)

These filters are just hilarious!!  =)

I hope you all have a great Monday!!  See you back here tomorrow =)

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