Well Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  We are getting sooo sooo close to Fridayyy =)  We've had a couple of busy days the last two days, and I am all ready, ready for the weekend to be here.  
I'm not so sure that Spring has decided to stay in Maine.  Just when you think it's here, we get slammed with winter temps.  We've had some really cold evenings lately.  
Monday evening Emma had a softball game, and it was frigid!  

And it got colder.  And windy.  But thankfully Brian was running the scoreboard so we were able to sit in the building but it was still cold! ha!  

The game seemed to last forever.  It started at 6:00 and by 8:15 they still weren't done.  The only reason they stopped was because they ran out of daylight, lol.

The girls lost, but that's ok!  They still had fun playing.  Emma really likes softball, but I think Basketball is more her sport.  But she is at least having fun playing =)

Earlier in the day Alyx and I ran a bunch of errands.  And Starbucks was our first stop =)

First cake pop, and she loved it!

Yesterday was a nice surprise because it was actually pretty nice out.  We spent most of the day outside yesterday. 

Alyx played with chalk in the drivway, but refused to actually sit on the tar because as she said "I no get my knees dirty" LOL  It was too cute!
We came in after chalk playing to have some lunch.

Mac & Cheese and a bit of iPad time =)

Last night Emma had her 4th grade Chorus concert.  These kiddos did so good!  Brian remarked that they sounded like a childrens choir =)

Emma's in the very front row between two boys wearing an orange-y colored dress.    
Lots of softball games/practices the rest of the week and this weekend.  Let's hope for good weather! 
Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. I love your husband's Red Sox hat! I wore my Red Sox shirt that my Dad got me at Fenway the other day & thought of you. You would be so proud of this Ranger fan! I hope you have a good rest of the week!!

  2. We are having the weirdest weather here too! Yesterday it was 80 and on Saturday it's supposed to be 52?! Summer just needs to get here already!! So glad it's been a good week for you so far!