Thoughts for Thursday

Well Hello!  Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is ohh soo close!! It's been a busy week here, and I am very much ready for the weekend to get here for sure! 
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Did you know the other day was National Grilled Cheese day?!?  It was!!  So of course for dinner that night we had grilled cheese and tomato soup.  And can I just tell you just how picky of an eater Alyx is?!?  It drives me insane.  Emma will eat anything you put in front of her, but not Alyx.  She has a very very small list of food she will actually eat.  And of course grilled cheese is not one of those food items...however....I made her one and I made it in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  She ate the ENTIRE thing guys!!!  I could not believe it!  When she picked it up off her plate I kept thinking to myself she would throw it down any second, but nope!  She ate it all up!  So maybe that's the key, making her food look like Mickey! HA!

It was such an easy dinner, and they both loved it =)  

It's not very often that Emma and I get one on one time.  The other day we got just that!  Emma loved every second of it.  We went to the mall, and I have to say I wanted to cry when she begged me to take her into a store to buy a sweatshirt.

Hollister.  Ugh.  When did my little girl go from Baby Gap and Gymboree to Hollister?!?!  Thankfully all she wanted was a hooded sweatshirt, but I can tell you I would be fine to never step foot in that store again.  haha
We ended our trip to the mall with an ice cream cone from DQ.

It's fun to have alone time with Emma.  We don't get too very often, and we had a lot of fun =)

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