Tuesday Talk

Well, Hello!  I've been missing from the blogging world for almost 4 days now!  It wasn't intentional, we've just been pretty busy around here the last few days.  So lets do a bit of a recap!

Friday.  Friday was April 1st.  Also known as April Fools Day.  I've never been a huge fan of April Fools, but I wanted to play just a little joke on Emma.  And I definitely got her!

I told her that I made Brownies for her, but I didn't exactly specify what type of "Brown E's" I made! hehehe =)  She wasn't impressed as you can see ;)

We have spent the last week doing a mini makeover in our living room.  It wasn't something we planned, it was kind of an on the whim type thing.  At first I wasn't in love with the wall color we chose.  I liked it in the store and then we got it on the walls, and honestly I wanted to cry.  Ok, maybe I did cry. ha!  But, I bought some accessories, new rug, new lampshades, new curtains, and a few new picture frames, and i'm ok with it now.  I'm still not toally 100% in love with it, and the pictures make it look so much more blue-er than it is, but I can live with it.

It's a terrible picture, and like I said pictures make it look so so blue and it really isn't.  I can live with it for now ;)

We also had to redo our electrical outlets in the living room and while Brian and my father in law did that, I relaxed with a machiatto =)

Caramel Machiatto...my fav!!

Alyx hung out in Emma's room with Gunner too.

The coolest thing to do in our house right now is to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at Alyx's table in our living room.  Ok, maybe not every meal, but lots of them!

On this particular evening they were having a snack before bed and watching a movie on Netflix =)

Yesterday we were soo soo excited because it was Opening day for our Boston Red Sox...but because of weather it was postponed for today.  We are sooo ready to watch Baseball again in our house!

Gotta love Snapchat!! =)

And lastly today, I couldn't resist stopping on my way to work yesterday to snap this picture.

Sunrises and Sunsets I can't get enough of them.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!

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  1. Ugh. Sorry your paint color didn't come out the way you wanted it to!! But I think your living room looks SO great!!! And good thing it is just paint and you can re-do it the next time you get the urge :) Hope you guys have a great week!!

  2. Poor Emma - tricked!! haha, her sweet face! Sorry your paint color wasn't what you wanted - the good news, its paint and can change. Bad news is more money and time. I like it - you might adjust to it and like too! Love your sunset pic!!

  3. Those Brown-Es were hilarious! I hope I can remember to do that with Marcus when he's a little older.

  4. I LOVE that April Fool's joke, hahaha! And I love Emma's face... she totally was not happy with you! :-)

  5. Oh my goodness, the Brown E's was hilarious! I'm sure my kids wouldn't have thought so either though. I love your living room color. Blue is so relaxing. Maybe it's just a big change and it'll grow on you.