Tuesday Talk {Spring Bucket List}

Hello!  Happy Tuesday =)  I'm pretty certain that Spring is here to stay in Northern New England!  The weather has been really nice lately, some days a bit more chilly than others, but at least the sun has been out and there is no snow!  So with the warmer weather, I figured I should get going on our 2016 Spring Bucket List.  I make these bucket list really really simple.  I've learned that by putting extravagant things on them that in reality it's not going to happen.  So we keep ours simple, yet fun!  Emma helps come up with the ideas too =)

So here is our Spring 2016 Bucket List

See?  Simple!  These are all very doable.  Emma likes to have these on our refrigerator and then cross them off as we go.  

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!!
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