Tuesday Randoms

Happy rainy and cold Tuesday!  I thought for sure last week that spring had for sure shown up, but I guess not quite yet.  We even had a snow shower yesterday!  I'm certainly ready to get outside with the girls and have some nice warm weather. We can keep hoping for it! =)

Today is a random post, all over the place with things.  Linking up with the ladies for Tuesday Talk today =)

Yesterday my parents left for Florida, insert sad face here. Ha!  Before they left they stopped to wake the girls up and say goodbye =)

These girls just love their Nana and BeeBee.  And they both put in requests as to what they want them to bring them back! haha  Maybe I did too ;)

Alyx and Gunner are crazy together!

The look on Gunners face is like "let me go!" haha =)  

Yesterday Alyx and I were out running errands and a Starbucks stop was a must!

We also stopped by Ulta to grab a couple of things and I of course had to check out their clearance nail polish.  97 cents yesterday is what I got 2 bottles of OPI for!  I didn't take a picture of them seperatly, but how do you store your polishes?  

I have a very bad polish addiction! ha!  And I need to organize it.  Any tips/tricks on how you store yours??  

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!! =)


  1. My son actually built a little shelf for one of his friends to store her polishes, and it looks very efficient!

  2. I love your nail polish addiction!! So fun - and bring on spring!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm so addicted to it, lol! And yes, bring on SPRING!!!

  3. You are the master at finding nail polish deals at Ulta!!! How fun your parents are going to Florida! How long do they go for?? Not gonna lie- I could use a couple days in the sunshine, next to a pool or the ocean! HA!

    1. I'm so jealous they are in Florida! haha They really don't have any specific date they are coming back. They are both retired and they drove down so basically whenever they feel like coming home! hehe =)