Friday Favorites

Well Hello Friday!!  There are some Fridays that are better than others, and unfortunately today isn't one of them.  It's my weekend to work so it's actually kind of like the beginning of the week for me.  But I still have some Friday Favorites to share today =)  
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 A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me posted she was starting a blogger snail mail exchange.  I have been so excited about it.  I will post more about it later, but we mailed our letter the other day to my partner, I was partnered with, Whitney from Work It Mommy.

Alyx really wanted to put it "in the big box" =)  She liked going to the post office for sure!
I got my letter from Whitney, and I was sooo surprised!

 Whitney lives in California, and she included a piece of sea glass from one of her local beaches!  We love sea glass so this was a huge surprise =) 

So it's never too early to start a Disney countdown, right?

We still have many many days, but half the fun is planning the trip!  We are most definitely excited!

Alyx has discovered that Target has popcorn!

Her biggest thing when we go to stores now is "I walk!"  And can I tell you how much of a pain it is when you need to get into a store and out of a store in a timely manner when she wants to walk?  Well, Target for the win!  She will now sit in the cart and snack on popcorn and is just as content as ever =)  

The other day Alyx never napped at all throughout the day, and around 6:30 she was sooo tired.  Emma sat on the couch with her and started reading her a book and within 5 minutes this happened.

Emma loved that her sister fell asleep on her =)  

This is a super short Friday Favorites today, but I hope you all have a great Weekend!!

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