A Day In the Life

So naturally on Tuesday I forgot all about Andrea from Momfessionals Show and Tell Tuesday; A day in the life linkup, so yesterday I documented our day.  I don't know why I enjoy these day in the life posts so much but I do!  Maybe it's because i'm nosey and I want to see how other people go about their day.  The day I chose was yesterday, Wednesday.  And while it's not our typical day because Emma is on school vacation I documented it anyway.  And pretty much every day around here is completely different, but here is our day!

So our day started with not a single alarm having to be set the night before!  Seriously those are the best days ever!

I really enjoy getting up early, in my opinion it's the best part of the day, but I also enjoy sleeping in now and then.  And 7:30 was pretty late for me!  
Alyx and Emma both woke up pretty much at the same time.

Alyx was *not* in the mood for pictures quite yet ;)

First things first in the morning.

Coffee.  My best friend ;)

While my coffee was being made I put the dishes away from the night before.  I always start the dishwasher before bed so that way they are clean in the morning.

After they were put away, I started on the laundry.  The night before I had thrown a load in so it needed to go into the dryer.

By 8:00, I was done putting everything away so it was time to check my daily blogs I read everyday.  Coffee in hand and a bit of blog reading.  

My day always includes watching the Today Show on NBC as well.

While I was getting ready for the day, I had the girls sit at Alyx's table and color a couple of pictures for their "Old Mimi".  Brian's grandmother.  She is pretty ill, and I think these pictures might cheer her up a bit =)

While they colored I showered and got ready.  I love to listen to music while i'm in the shower.  Am I the only one that does this?!?

After we headed out to run some errands.  Usually in the middle of the week it's just Alyx and I running errands, so it was nice that Emma was with this =)

We ended up getting stuck in traffic due to construction, so I made the decision to turn around and go a different way...well I turned around in a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot...so Donuts for the girls it was!

Finally made it to Home Depot.

We went in to buy a small plant for "Old Mimi"  to cheer her up.  The girls colored the container it is in and it came with stickers to decorate it too =)

Headed back home to pick up Brian.  He worked the night before, so he slept until noon.  
We picked him up and then headed to grab lunch out.  We decided to try a new burger place called, Elevation Burger.  It opened last week.  Burgers for lunch for 3 people and 2 chicken tenders for Alyx...

$46.28.  For LUNCH.  Needless to say we won't be returning anytime soon.  Way too pricy for the quality of it.  But oh well!

After lunch we headed to different sporting good shops to get Emma's softball stuff, and then we hit up the mall.

Emma asked my mom to get her a pair of Converse sneakers while they are in Florida, so we stopped into Journeys in our mall so she could try a pair on for sizing.  I thought they looked pretty cute on her =)

Around 3:00 we were home and Brian and Emma played some basketball outside.

I'm pretty sure Emma should have put sneakers on and not flip flops ;)

At 4:00 we left the house again to go and visit Brians grandmother at the nursing home.

Alyx was ready!

We got there around 4:30.  She's only been in this nursing home for a day, so she is still getting used to it.  Our plant brightened her day, and she also had some beautiful flowers in her room.

We left around 5:30, and headed to the grocery store.  I never got around to going earlier in the day, so it was a quick trip to pick up a few things.

Alyx started crying because she apparently thought you can just take the apples you want and eat them.  LOL  We took it away from her after she took a bite out of one, haha

We checked out and headed home.

I grilled pork-chops on the grill while the girls played outside.

A delish dinner and super easy!

A little walk after dinner

By the time we got settled at home I was too exhausted to take anymore pictures! ha!  The girls headed to bed and Brian and I watched the Red Sox game.

These day in the life posts are exhausting! haha  Trying to remember to take photos of pretty much the entire day =)  But it was fun.  Every day is different for us, and I need to do a day in the life post on the days where I work for 10 hours and then come home and cook dinner and rush Emma off to which ever sporting practice she has.  That post will have to come soon!!  Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our crazy life =)

Also liking up with Michelle today for Party at my Place =)


  1. Fun day! I love posts like this, but haven't remembered to do one yet! Mine would mostly be me running 10 minutes late for everything! Ha!! On a side note, I have some black converse and love them, so I totally vote yes for your daughter getting some!! Have a great day!

    1. This was a fun post, but it was exhausting remembering to take pictures! haha =) These converse shoes are the in thing up here right now, and I tried a pair on and they were super comfy! Have a great day!

  2. What a fun, busy day!! Glad you are getting some extra time in with your girls while they are on Spring Break!! :)

    1. It was a fun, but yes busy day! ha! =)

  3. You wake SO early!! And coffee is always a must - ALWAYS. If our tv is on in the mornings it's only the Today show.
    How sweet that the girls colored photos, and then to visit Brian's grandma. You surely made her day much brighter!
    Also - $42+ for BURGERS?! Did they have gold in them???

    1. Can you believe $42 for burgers! Yeah, we won't be going back there again! haha =)

  4. My morning show is Good Morning America. Especially on days I don't have to work. I enjoy reading the days of bloggers I follow regularly. Thanks for sharing.