Tuesday Talk

Well Happy Tuesday!  We had some crazy beautiful weather here yesterday and it was amazing!  Emma was so funny, when she got out of school yesterday she got into the car and said "It smells like Florida outside!"  haha, I laughed =)  

Yesterday my parents came down for a bit and we went to lunch with them at our local pizza place.  Alyx colored a picture while we waited for our lunch and then the waitress came over and took Alyx and let her hang her picture up on the wall.

She was too cute!  And pretty proud that her picture was now hanging on the wall =)

I made a homemade lasagna last night, which was so so good, but it always makes a TON!  So I told Emma after dinner we would bring dinner to our neighbor.  She is the sweetest lady ever, and both of my girls just love her.

Emma painted her a picture too, I love how it says "Coolest", this lady is in her late 70's so i'm sure she LOVED this!  

I will have to share my lasagna recipe soon because it's really good, and so easy!

Horrible picture, I know!

I hope Tuesday is a good one for you!  Linking up with the ladies of Tuesday Talk =)

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  1. How fun to get to have lunch with your parents! And that lasagna looks amazing! I love that Emma not only brought your neighbor dinner- but that awesome painting too! So sweet!!

  2. Awww, I bet your lasagna and Emma's photo made your neighbors week!!
    Yes, you MUST share that recipe. Scott was JUST asking for me to make lasagna this weekend, and it didn't happen because it always seems to take so much work to make.

  3. We did lasagna last night too - how sweet to share with your neighbor - and the added sign a great bonus!!

  4. Oh yum- lasagna! It looks great, and how could it not?! Pasta, cheese, sauce. YUM!

  5. Wow! That lasagna looks amazing. I will be excited to see that recipe. So sweet of y'all to bring dinner over for the neighbor. Wish I were that neighbor!