Tuesday Talk {Weekend Recap}

Well Hello!  Happy Tuesday!  I never got around to getting a post up yesterday, so today I am recapping our weekend!  

Saturday morning the girls were anxiously awaiting my mom to come and spend the weekend with them.  They absolutely love when my mom is around, probably because she spoils them rotten!

Once my mom got to our house, Brian and I headed to Portland.  Just about 3 hours from our house.  We checked into our hotel and you know what my most favorite thing about this hotel is? 

They give you hot fresh chocolate chip cookies when you check in, and they are amazing! =)  Our room was really nice, king size bed, gigantic tv, bath robes, I basically could have lived there the rest of my life and have been a happy camper.  As long as they brought hot cookies to me everyday ;)

After we got settled we went and did some shopping.  Brian had never been to Cabella's before, so he really wanted to go, so that's what we did.

The place was seriously huge.  I wasn't expecting it to be as big as it was.  He really could have bought the entire store, but thankfully he didn't. ha! 

After some shopping, I really wanted to drive to Cape Elizabeth which is outside of Portland to the Portland Head Light.  

I really could have spent a lot of time here walking around.  It's probably one of the most beautiful places in Maine that I have ever been to.  

The ocean is my happy place.  I wish we lived closer to it.  There is just something about the air and the waves that I just absolutely love.  

We had dinner reservations at a place in Portland called Dimillo's.  It's an old boat turned into a restaurant.  We have been before, and it didn't disappoint at all!

We started with drinks and mussels in a wine/mustard sauce and they were oh so good!  I had Scallops Pasta Carbonara, and Brian had the prime rib.  Creme Brulee was on the menu for dessert, and I had every intention of ordering it, but I was way too full once dinner was done to even think about it.=)

The next morning we stopped at Starbucks and then went to a local bakery for homemade doughnuts.  

It's safe to say that we didn't lose any weight this weekend! haha =)

We had a lot of fun, and it was nice to get away and enjoy each other company and to be able to talk in peace and quiet =)  I love my girls more than anything, but boy oh boy do they like to talk and talk and talk. =)  

I hope you all had a great weekend as well, and hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!  Linking up today with the ladies from Tuesday Talk =)

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  1. Oh my goodness! It looks like Brian and you had the BEST weekend!!! So happy for you two got a couple days away!!

    1. We really did have a great time! So nice to get away for a bit =)

  2. How beautiful!! And yummy food choices!!! We love staying at Hilton's (right?) for the warm chocolate cookies!! Glad you had a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks Leigh! Hiltons are the best for sure!

  3. The ocean is my happy place as well. What a pretty spot! Glad you two were able to get away for a bit. My kids are talkers as well, so I understand what you're saying. ;)

    1. It was such a beautiful spot! I wish we had more time to spend there, but we had to get to our dinner reservations =)

  4. You're not supposed to lose any weight on these types of get-a-ways, haha! ;) Sounds absolutely perfect, and seriously, couldn't you sometimes live in a hotel?? You leave without picking up the room and come back to a perfectly organized space. :-) Joe loved that when he traveled for a couple years.

    1. It was perfect! And I could soooo live in a hotel for a while as well =) It was nice to come back to the bed made and everything all neat and nice!