Show and Tell Tuesday {Hometown Edition}

Good Morning!  And Happy Tuesday!  I am linking up today with Andrea from Momfessionals for her Show and Tell Tuesday Series, and today is the Hometown Edition!

So here is a little bit about my hometown.  I grew up in a small town.  Millinocket, Maine.  

Growing up the population of my hometown was about 7,500.  Now the population is around 3,000.  It was a mill town up until a few years ago, when unfortunately most of the paper mills in our state closed up.  When I was growing up, Millinocket was the most amazing place to grow up.  There was seriously so much to do.  Tons of great stores, little mom & pop restaurants, and it was still a town where "everyone knew your name".  There were 3 Elementary schools, 1 Middle School and 1 High School.  Now there is 1 Elementary school and a combined Middle/High School.  My Elementary school that I attended has been torn down.

The building on the left is where I went to Middle School and on the right is the High School I went to =)

Millinocket is also known for being the end of the Appalachian Trail.  This is the view you see all over town.

That's Mt Katahdin is located in Baxter State Park which is the end of the Appalachian Trail.  It's just over 5,200 feet.  It was fun having this Mountain in our backyard growing up.  We did a lot of camping, hiking and swimming in and around the park.  And whenever we bring Emma up in the summer, she always wants to go swimming at one of the lakes there =) 

Things are so different in my hometown now.  It's actually really depressing to go back.  It once was a booming vibrant town with all kinds of stores and restaurants that lined our Main St, and now most all stores are closed and there are just a handful of restaurants left.  When the mill closed, pretty much everyone moved out of town.  Homes in this area go for no more than $30,000.  There is nothing to keep people there, and unfortunately the closest city is well over an hour away.

So what once looked like this...

Now looks like this....

It's sad really.  I would not have changed growing up in this town for anything.  And I really wish the kids that are living there now could have the same type of childhood as I did living there.  There were tons of parks with playgrounds, swimming pools, bowling alley, game centers, always always something to do.  And now, not so much.  My parents still live in this town, but both of them are retired.  I ask them every single day why in the world they still live there! ha!  But they've grown their roots there and all of their friends still live there, so they enjoy it.  But I can't say I wouldn't love to have them live closer to me ;)
So there you have a little snipit of my hometown.  I'm anxious to ready everyones story today as well! =)

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  1. I love seeing your hometown! This also makes me wish I had pictures of all the important places from mine just to have to share with the kids someday down the road. I guess the next time I make it back to WI I will need to do that. :-)

  2. WOW! I love that mountain view. I am near the beginning of the AT down in NC and love seeing that view. I hope your hometown gets revitalized! :)

  3. Johannah! I loved reading about your hometown! I agree with you- it is very sad to see how vibrant of a town it used to be and how it has changed so much since then! I will keep my fingers crossed your parents decide to move closer- I am CONSTANTLY having the same conversation with my mom :)

  4. Loved seeing your cute town! I want to visit Maine so badly! It's so far from California, but I will make it out there one day!

  5. I loved this post! Your town growing up seemed amazing. It's so sad that it's been affected so much by the mill closing.

  6. It is so sad what happened to your town--an all too frequent occurrence in our country unfortunately. But that view, stunning! Liz at