Bachelor {Spoiler}

Happy Tuesday!!  Sooo...did any of you watch the Bachelor finale last night?!?!  If you didn't you may want to stop reading because to be quite honest, I am way way too excited that I had to post about it today!  

I absolutely LOVED this season with Ben.  Brian never ever watches the Bachelor with me, but he just so happened to be home last night and I made it *very* clear that this was the finale and I was watching it! haha =)  He agreed he would watch it with me, and he thought that it was going to be done at 10pm.  When I informed him that it was over at 11pm, he looked at me with complete disgust. LOL  Oh well, it didn't kill him to watch it ;) 

From the very first episode I knew who I wanted to win.  I was team Lauren B from the very beginning.  But the chemistry that he had with JoJo I was certain he was going to pick her.  I honestly didn't agree with him telling both girls that he loved them.  I don't recall on any other season either the Bachelor or Bachelorette saying that, and it really confused me.  

I have watched pretty much every season of the Bachelor, there were a couple that I did miss, but this proposal honestly seemed like one of the most sincere proposals ever.  And I could not have been happier with Bens pick!!

Could Laurens engagement ring be any prettier?!?  It's absolutely beautiful!!

So I did like JoJo, I wasn't in love with her, but I felt soo soo bad for her.  And I honestly was positive that I read last week that they chose the next Bachelorree as being Caila.  Well I was totally  wrong!  When the announced on the show last night that JoJo was the next Bachelorette, I couldn't have been happier!

I am really anxious for her season now which will air in May!!

If you aren't a Bachelor or Bachelorette fan, then this post totally bored you to death i'm sure!  =)
Have a great Tuesday!!

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