Good Morning!  And Happy Wednesday! =)  This has been a long week already and this is truly how i'm feeling today.

Ha!  It is is Wednesday, but in my work world it's Monday for me.  I work today, tomorrow and Friday and then i'm off for the weekend =)  Emma has more basketball tournaments this weekend, and i'm excited to see her play again =)

Last night was a rarity and Brian and I were able to go to the movies.  Emma is with my parents for a few days and my mother in law offered to watch Alyx for a few hours while we went.  There honestly wasn't anything playing that caught my eye, but I chose a total chick flick, How to be Single. 

 I wasn't so sure about it, but oh my word did Brian and I laugh and laugh.  It was border line inappropriate at times, but it was still really good.  And it was fun to get out for a couple of hours just the two of us =)

Yesterday I took Emma to get her hair cut, she didn't get a drastic cut by any means, but I think it came out cute.  

She is looking so grown up these days!!
And lastly, yesterday morning these two girls came into our room with their blankets and pillows and took over our bed ;)

At least their cute! =)

Have a great Wednesday!!