February =)

Hi!  Welcome February!  But honestly, where in the world did January go?!?  It went by so fast!  But that just means we are one month closer to summer ;)  I hope you had a great weekend!  It was my weekend to work, but I made the best of it.  We have a busy week ahead of us this week, and I am participating in some fun linkups this week too =)  

Friday evening Emma had basketball practice and Alyx had her typical Friday evening...

Pj's, a happy meal, and a my little pony.  Life was pretty good for Miss Alyx!  Basketball practice was quite disappointing unfortunately.  Because Emma's basketball team had an undefeated season, they were pulled from one of their tournaments they are suppose to be playing in.  And there has been talk about pulling her team from another tournament they are playing in.  This came as a huge shock to all the girls and the parents.  Basically they are being "punished" for being too good.  These girls worked unbelievably hard this season and spent countless hours practicing.  Unfortunately it's the other teams that are being poor sports if you will and are afraid of losing and refusing to play Emma's team.  And honestly who's to say that we would even win, Emma's team could very well lose.  They have never played any of the teams that are in these tournaments.  It's pretty sad.  Our girls were some disappointed, as were the parents.

Saturday evening after the girls baths/showers I had a little fun with Alyx and her crazy hair =)

Every time I look at these I can't stop laughing.  Especially the top right hand one.  Oh my gosh, she is too funny and has such c-r-a-z-y hair!! =)

I mentioned last week that I was making Chicken Taquitos for dinner one night, and I have to tell you they were so so good!  

They were simple to make, and everyone loved them!  You can find the recipe HERE

I hope you all have a great Monday!!  =)