What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  Today I am linking up with Mel, Shay & Shaeffer for What's Up Wednesday!  It's been quite a while since I have done one of these posts =)

What we're eating this week:
I am really really bad at meal planning.  I need to get into a groove I guess as far as meal planning goes and maybe I can get it to work.  But last night I came home from work to a home cooked meal from Brian and it was delish!

Salmon, green beans with red onions, and rice pilaf.  He's a pretty great cook!!

What I'm Reminiscing about:
No snow! ha!  I know so much of you in the south have had it worse than we have in the snow department.  We have the equipment here to clean up snow basically as soon as it falls, so I feel really bad for all you that have been stuck in your homes now for days because of it.  But yeah, i'm reminiscing about green grass, trees with leaves on them and warm sunshine ;)

What I'm Loving:
Watching Emma play basketball.  She had her last game last weekend and she actually missed it because we were at my parents for the weekeend.  But she still has 3 weekend long tournaments that she is playing in, so I'm anxious to watch her play in them!

What We've Been Up To:
Ummm.  Let me think about this one.  Work.  Ha!  We work a lot.  Brian much more than me.  But you can read about our weekend off HERE in this post.  We had an awesome weekend!

What I'm dreading:
There is really nothing coming up that I am dreading.  I do dread laundry every.single.day. hehe =)  But other than that, really nothing.

What I'm working On:
Filling out my Plum Paper planner!  I'm working on putting our work schedules for the remainder of the year in it.  And incase you missed my post about my planner, you can find that HERE.

What I'm Excited About:
We are going away for the weekend with the girls and my side of the family the first weekend in February and I cannot wait!  We usually go every year, and Emma always has so much fun with her cousins =)

What I'm listening to/Watching:
If we are in the car, it's always always on The Highway on SirusXM.  At home, i'm all about the Bachelor right now, HGTV's Fixer Upper (which I am highly addicted to) and the Today Show on NBC =)

What I'm wearing:
I really wish I had some really awesome outfit I could share with you all, Ha!  But when i'm home, it's usually comfy clothes, and when I'm out and about, jeans, some sort of long sleeve shirt and my LLBean boots.  Total fashion statement for sure! haha ;)

What I'm doing this weekend:
Work, and more work.  It's our weekend to work unfortunately.

What I'm looking forward to next month:
I'm looking forward to going away next month for a weekend, i'm also looking forward to getting Emma ready for the Father/Daughter Valentines Day dance with Brian =)

Bonus Question:
What is your favorite Valentines Day Treat:
I'm not going to share the recipe just yet, because I have that ready for another day soon, but for Valentines I always make Emma a really yummy popcorn treat with white chocolate.  I'll post about it soon =)

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!  Be sure to linkup as well!