Tuesday Talk

Winter has officially hit us!  It took a while for it to find us, but it's found us.  This morning I woke to these temps.

Yeah...I think it's time to start planning our trip to Florida! ;)
I thought this was very appropriate for today...

So very very true!

Christmas is officially over at our house.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon taking everything down.  If you read my post yesterday about getting Organized, then you will get this.  If you didn't read it, you can find it HERE.  

I bought all new totes, and I labeled them with all of it's contents inside =)   Much more organized than I have ever been with all my Christmas decorations!  

Yesterday I finally caved and bought the iPhone 6.  

After 2 years with the iPhone 5c, it was so time for an upgrade!

I have to share with you all my Facbeook status last night.  Alyx had us laughing so hard =)

She is obsessed with Doc, and always playing Doc, but last night was the first time she said she had a diagnosis! ha =)

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!  And as always linking up with some fab bloggers for Tuesday Talk!

Our pretty Little girls