Show and Tell Tuesday {Momfessionals Moments}

I'm so excited today to be linking up with Andrea today from Momfessionals!
My goal this year is to participate in all of the Show and Tell Tuesdays =)  Hopefully I can do it!  

Today the topic is Momfessionals Moments.  One that I can think of right off, which at the time was not funny to me at all, was Emma asked last year for XBox 360 for Christmas.  I mean seriously she asked for one.  And every time she asked I chuckled to myself because I had already purchased one and I knew just how excited she was going to be.  Well about a month before Christmas last year she got into my closet in my room for something and found it.  #HUGEMOMFAIL.  Brian called me at work to tell me and I was soo mad.  Not at her, at myself for putting it in my closet.  I can totally laugh at it now, and Emma actually brings it up quite a bit ;)  

At any given time if you were to go into my car and open up the glove box you may or may not find a bag of Watermelon Sour Patch kids.  I keep them in there because if not Emma will eat them.  And Brian laughs every time we get into the car and I open it up and take a couple ;)  Not so sure how much longer i'll be able to do this, i'm sure Emma will figure it someday. =)

I sometimes go into the bathroom and shut the door with my phone or a magazine.  It gives me a few minutes of quiet time and the girls have no idea that i'm not really going to the bathroom ;)

If we have leftover dinner from the night before, like pizza, Chinese food...My girls will eat it for breakfast.  Hey, at least they are having breakfast!

Alyx will often ask to watch Barney or Caillou, and sometimes I tell her that they aren't on right now because they are taking a "night night" Ha!  She totally falls for it every time, but I give her another few months and she will probably have it all figured out that cartoons don't sleep =)

I'm sure there are many many more, but be sure to linkup as well!  Thanks Andrea for hosting this fun linkup!!

I'm also linking up today for Tuesday Talk =)

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