Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  I'm linking up with the wonderful Narci, Andrea & Erika today for Friday Favorites =)

Isn't the new logo for this year cute?!?  Normally on my Friday Favorites I recap all our favorite moments from the past week.  Today i'm changing it up a bit and sharing some of my favorite things/items!  

If you've read my blog for any length of time then you know my love/obsession for nail polish.  Over the past couple of years my go to polish has changed a bit.  If you were to ask me 2 years ago or even maybe a year ago what my favorite polish was, I would say the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  While I still do like it, because lets face it, if you are a mom then you really want your nails to dry like yesterday.  And if you are looking for fast drying polish, then I recommend the Insta-Dri. 

These can all be found here at ULTA.

So like I said, my polish preference has changed a bit and I am addicted to OPI and Essie now. I always always pair it with the Sally Hansen gel top coat, and I can go well over a week without my polish chipping.  The Insta-Dri, I could maybe go 2 days without it chipping.  

These are some of my favorite OPI colors =)

One of the things I love about OPI, is the names they come up with for their polishes!  They are seriously hysterical!  

A tip to all of you, if you go to Ulta, they always have a clearance section.  This is where I always always buy my Essie & OPI polish. Because well in all honesty I don't like paying $10 a bottle for it.  I usually get them for anywhere between $2.00 and $4.00.  And they almost always have really great colors to chose from =)

For Christmas I bought Brian the Amazon Kindle Fire Stick.  If you aren't sure what it is, it basically turns your TV into a SmartTV.  They are really reasonable in price too.  You can find them HERE.
Well since I bought it for him, we have both become more addicted to Netflix.  It's so much easier to stream Netflix with the Fire Stick then it was when we were streaming it through our Xbox. 

Brian and I have both started watching the new show on Netflix, Making a Murderer.  If you haven't seen it or you aren't sure what it it!  It's soo soo good people!!

And guess what else is coming to Netflix next month!?!?!

I am honestly so excited for this!  Full House was one of my most favorite shows when I was Emma's age.  And thanks to Nick at Night, Emma has also found a love for Full House.  So needless to say, she is equally as excited as I am for Fuller House =)

Three Words.

Matilda Jane makes the most adorable girls clothing.  The first dress I bought Emma was gosh about 7 years ago, and I paid a pretty penny for it.  That was before all these buy/sell/trade facebook groups.  I have scored so many great deals on MJ from these groups.  I never buy new anymore...except when they have amazing sales on their GOOD LUCK TRUNK website.  Right now until the 16th they have some amazing deals.  
I have my eye on all of this for Alyx.

I've mentioned these amazing brushes before, and i'm going to mention them again.

The Wet Brush.  It's amazing!  I have no idea what they have done to this brush, but it makes life in the mornings with Emma soooo much easier.  There is no screaming and crying when brushing her hair.  Highly highly recommend it!!

Every year for Christmas Emma most always gets a pair of Cabin Socks in her stocking.  I didn't really know what the big deal of these socks were that is until I got a pair this year.

These socks are the most amazing socks my feet have ever been in!  They are warm, soft and just so comfy.  I have them on most every single evening.  You can find them HERE, and right now they are having a sale for Buy1 Get1 free.  Great deal!!

One of my favorite things that Brian surprises me once in a while with are Alex and Ani bracelets.

These make really great gifts for people too =)

So that's all I have for today, but I had fun sharing some of my favorite things =)  I hope you all have a Great Friday and an Excellent Weekend!!!

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