Friday Favorites

Happy FRIDAY!!  
Linking up as always every Friday with the ladies from Friday Favorites: Narci, Andrea & Erika and sharing my favorites from this week!

There is something about grocery shopping with a little one.  There are times when I want to pull my hair out and wonder why in the world I brought her with me, and then I see her running up the aisle of the store with her favorite cereal, and i'm reminded that they won't be little forever.  

And all I can do is smile!  She's a crazy one that's for sure!!

We have had a really cold week here in Maine.  The temps have been less than 10 degrees most days.  I came across this the other day.

HA!  How TRUE!!!  I tell Brian all the time that if we didn't have so much family here that I would move in a heartbeat to a warmer climate.  I wasn't made for winter ;)

I shared earlier in the week that Christmas is officially over at our house.  It's all packed up for another year.  

I also shared that a goal of mine this year is to be more organized.  Well I organized the Christmas stuff like I never have before.  All brand new totes that are labeled exactly what's in them, and our tree was meticulously put back into the original box.  Hopefully I can organize the rest of my house as well as this =)

For Christmas my parents gave Brian and I a new table for our living room.  It completed our living for sure.

I need to find some new decorations to put on it.  Also I need to find new curtains, a new area rug, a new paint color for the living room, and our hardwood floors need to be refinished! Ha =)  Always so much to do when you own a house ;)
I always complained to my mom that when I sit in the rocking chair that I never had a place to sit my coffee down in the mornings.  Well now I do =)

I took this the other day when it was about minus 15 degrees out and I was having a moment where I wanted to be at Disney right then and there.  =)

Emma's school has after school activities once a week for a little over an hour and she has always had so much fun doing it.  She's done Glee Club, Craft Club and Book binding club.  She brought the paper home from school on Wednesday and this is her choice for the upcoming clubs...

This kid.  She's a good kid.  She wanted her first choice to be after school Homework help.  Seriously!  How many 9 year olds would chose Homework help after school when there is an entire list of other really fun activities?!?  I was really really proud of Emma.  Her second and third choice are of course fun activities, so if she doesn't get into her first choice, she'll get to do something else.  I'm proud of her for making a great decision =)

Speaking of Emma.  I'm *always* finding these on my phone.

Emma Selfies ;)  Hehe She's just too cute!

I also shared earlier in the week that I finally got a new phone.  After 2 years with the iPhone 5c, I went and got the 6.  

So far i'm loving it!!!  Anyone have any great apps that I should download??  

This soup.  You need to make it.  It's ah-mazing.

I'm not a very good food photographer at all, haha.  If you missed the recipe for this earlier in the week, you can find it HERE.  Trust me when I say this soup will not disappoint!!

It's the weekend!  I'm so glad and excited to have the weekend off with my family.  The only thing we have going on is basketball games on Sunday.  Other than that, it's going to be a somewhat relaxing weekend at home.  Sometimes we just need that.  What are your plans for the weekend??  

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Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!