Thoughts for Thursday

9 Days.  Yes...9 days until Christmas!  What?!?!  This month has seriously gone by way too fast.  I wish this season would just slow down a little so we could enjoy it just a bit more.  Anyway, it's Thursday and i'm linking up with Annie & Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday =)

Patch (our elf) is still at it.  He's been running out of things to do lately though.  So he's been a bit on the mellow side ;)

Playing a little basketball and then just reminding Emma to brush her teeth before school in the morning. 

Emma had her 4th Grade Christmas concert at school, and she did soo soo good!!!

And do you see on the right hand side, where it says In Summer..Soloist Emma Sirois!!! =)  She tried out for the solo, and was chosen out of her entire 4th grade class.  Over 100 kids are in her grade!  Yeah, this is my mom bragging moment...hehe =)  She did so amazingly good, and she didn't appear nervous, although she said she was shaking and she thought she was going to be sick.  There were well over 350 people in the auditorium when she sang =)  She has a cute little voice.  

Alyx was playing on my phone the other day and I really didn't think anything of it.  That is until I tried to take a picture of something and I got an error message that said I didn't have any space left.  I thought that was weird, so I opened up my photos and found this.

I had to delete 470 photos that Alyx took of the floor, of the walls, of us sitting in the living room watching TV.  Basically anything that was at her level...she photographed it. Haha =)

I hope you all have a fab Thursday!!