Our Weekend {Recap}

Can you believe that we are only 11 days away until Christmas?!?  I can't believe how fast it has gone by.  This my friends is why I like to decorate before Thanksgiving! haha  That way we can enjoy it just that much longer =)  
So I missed a few days of posts last week.  We've just been really busy lately.  But I'm back this week!

Our Elf, Patch, has been a crazy little Elf these days.  This morning he helped himself to a bowl of cereal =)

Day 14: Making snowflakes out of Q-Tips
Day 15: Sledding down a hill on our kitchen table
Day 16: Snow Angels out of Rice
Day 17: Lifting Marshmallow weights 

Saturday Emma had a basketball game in the afternoon.  Her team is doing really good so far this season.  They played a home game, so her team is the white & green.

They did win their game! =)

Saturday evening we took Emma and Alyx out to look at Christmas lights.  Emma LOVES to do this each year.  And Alyx...well she ended up falling asleep! ha!  We grabbed Hot Cocoa at Dunkin' Donuts and went all over the place looking at lights.  There were some houses that I was just amazed at their Christmas lights and then there were some that I was thinking "What in the world were they thinking?!?" haha

Sunday morning after Church we had our family Christmas party.  Guess who forgot their camera?  Yup, pick me! <---.  Whoops!  I did get a few with my phone though.

All the kids decorated Christmas cookies, and Alyx really loved this!  She kept saying "more, more!" hehe

After we had lunch we had a visit from Santa Claus himself!!

Each of the kids got a gift.  Emma got a new Harry Potter book that she actually didn't have, along with a gift card to Target =)

Alyx wasn't too fond of Santa, but she liked him for a distance.

Alyx got a pair of Christmas Pj's and a small stuffed animal from Doc McStuffins.  
All the kids had a good time =)

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a great start to your week!! 


  1. I love all of your elf ideas, I may need to steal some as ours is pretty boring :)

    1. I'm starting to run out of Elf ideas! haha I'll be stalking Pinterest boards today for more ideas! ;)

  2. Looks like you had such a nice weekend!! I know I have already said this several times- but you are my Elf on the Shelf hero. You are SO CREATIVE and fun with your elf's shenanigans!! :)

    1. I'm starting to run out of Elf Ideas!!! haha

  3. You have been busy! Fun though!! You can't see Santa's face, haha!

    1. I know! I couldn't figure out why in the world you couldn't see his face...but I think he did it because all the kids are starting to figure out that Santa is Uncle Jim ;) Hahaha =)

  4. Christmas is just around the corner, and I cannot wait! Marcus is really "getting" it this year, so it's been so much fun! Christmas morning will hopefully be as magical as I'm imaging.
    I LOVE all the fun your elf is having! We've borrowed a few ideas. :)
    That Santa! You can barely see any of his face, his beard is so full! HA!!