Lets Recap!

Happy Wednesday!  First off, Thank you to everyone who joined in and linked up with myself, Jenny & Justine for our Christmas Ornament Show & Tell!  Everyone's ornaments were great, and I loved reading the stories behind them =)  If you missed the post, you can read about it here.

I took yesterday off from blogging, I'm not really sure why, but I never got around to posting.  So here we are today, recapping the last few days.  
Saturday evening my mom and I took the girls to The Festival of Lights Christmas Parade.  They both loved it and Alyx could not *wait* to see Santa!  

After the parade they had a tree lighting with Santa, but there were seriously soo soo many people that we skipped out on that part.  

So Patch, our Elf has been up to quite a bit the last few days.  We've had a bit of fun with him this year =)

This is Patch today...

Poor guy, fell off the mantle and broke his leg ;)

This is what else Patch has been up to.

Day 9: He was found playing in a bag of M&Ms
Day 10: Patch took Emma's iPod and took selfies =)
Day 11: Obviously Patch wanted Hot Cocoa 
Day 12: Riding in on a camel =)

Last night Emma read Alyx a book before bed and it was seriously so cute to see them in the rocking chair together =)

Emma is such a good big sister to Alyx!!

I hope you all have a great day!!