Holiday Home Tour {2015}

Christmas time is my absolute favorite time of the year when our house is all decorated.  Everything just seems so much more cozy and inviting.  I'm linking up today with Courtney, Beth & Sarah, for a Holiday Home Tour.  

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My house is really nothing special, it's on the smaller side, but it fits our family.  If I could leave our Christmas decorations up all year, I totally would =)
So lets start on the outside of the house.

I am a terrible nighttime photographer, ha!  But anyway, this is the outside of our house.  I have to say I am in love with the lights this year.  Brian outlined the front of the roof line and our garage with white lights, and then we wrapped white lights around the railing of our front porch and then of course the shrub on the side of the house.  Last year we did colored lights on the outside, and I am so much more in love this year with how we did it. =)
I took photos both at night and during the day.

These are an old pair of snowshoes that were given to me to use as a decoration.  I added the vine star with the pinecones and berries.  Usually I have this hanging up on the wall of our porch, but I changed it up a tad this year ;)

My mom came down a couple of weeks ago and she brought this flag for me.  I love it =)

Moving inside now, If you come in through our front door you walk into our living room.  

I love our mantle, and I always love decorating it.  Garland, white lights, berries, and some cute decorations =)  

Our tree at night, and Our tree during the day.

Some of my most favorite Christmas decorations are ones that Emma and Alyx have made.  Emma made this hand print wreath for me in 2010.  She was in Pre-K, and I remember when she brought it home.  I immediately framed it =)

And of course Emma and Alyx's reindeer feet!

These were done December of 2013.

When I moved into my first apartment back in 2003, my mom bought me the Willow Angel nativity figurines.  I always had them up until I had Emma in 2006.  Since then they have been stored away in fear of them getting broken.  Well, I decided to give it a shot and put them out this year.  And knock on wood, Alyx has not once touched them!  Every time she goes near them I tell her not to touch them and she always replies with "ok" haha =)

Underneath this is a Gingerbread House that my mom got for Emma years ago.  Both of the girls LOVE this and it will always have a place in our home.

It plays music and lights up.  What could be better?!?

I always hang my Christmas Cards up around the door way that goes into our Kitchen.  I took this picture a couple of weeks ago, now the cards go all the way to the floor.  I love love love Christmas cards.  I honestly feel like a giddy little kid when I get one in the mail, hehe =)

I love my snowman basket.  This was at my moms house, and I somehow inherited it ;)

We had this ceramic tree made when we went to Santa's Village in New Hampshire in 2014.

When I was growing up I always loved to put lights in my bedroom.  When Emma was born, I said I would always put a fun tree in her room.

The decorating isn't the best, but the girls love it!

We took Emma to the Nutcracker Balet 2 years ago.  When we were there we let her pick out a Nutcracker.

They had so many to chose from, and this is the one she picked.  

I made this glass square block for their room this year, and I think it's pretty cute =)

I also made one for our bathroom that has a snowflake on them.  They were so simple and cheap to make!

So there you have our Holiday Home Tour, 2015 =)

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Have a great Tuesday everyone!!