Friday Favorites

Happy Happy Friday!!  The weekend is here, and I work this weekend, but we also have some fun plans this weekend, and i'll get to those in a few =)  I'm linking up today with Narci, Andrea & Erica for, Friday Favorites .

This girl.  She is full of so much spunk and sass!

Can't you just tell she's a wild child by looking at that little face ;)  She has us on our toes all the time!

Don't forget, on Monday, December 7th, myself, Jenny from The Chronicles of We, and Justine from Full Hands Full Heart are hosting a Christmas Ornament Show & Tell!

Link up with us on Monday, and show off all of your favorite Christmas ornaments, and tell us any story that is special to you about the ornaments =)

Our Elf, Patch, has been up to some crazy things this Christmas season!

Today, when Emma wakes up she will find Patch taking a little boat ride in our sink ;)  Here is what else Patch has been up to...

Alyx hasn't shown a lot of interest in Patch, other than saying "Good Morning Patch" And "Goodnight Patch" each day.  And when she sees him on TV or in the store, she yells "Patch!"  It's pretty funny.  We've had fun doing this each and every day for them so far. =)

Yesterday was a sad day.

Just after I made my cup of coffee yesterday morning, my Keurig broke =(  It can still make a cup of coffee but something in the lift up thing snapped and broke.  Maybe Santa will buy me a new one for Christmas? ;)

Can it be Christmas all year long?  My house just feels so much more cozy this time of the year.

I love having all our Christmas lights on in the evenings.  So so cozy!!

This my friends is being played pretty much all day at our house right now...

Alyx is in LOVE with Santa Clause is Coming to Town, and keeps asking for it over and over again =)  And she only likes the Michael Buble version of it =)

This weekend my mom is coming down to stay to watch the kids while Brian and I are working.  My in laws who usually watch them every other weekend have left for Disney this morning =(  I am so so jealous!  They took my niece Lily with them, and she's never been, so I'm very excited for her.  She is going to just love it!
Our plan is to take the girls to the Festival of Lights Parade tomorrow evening.  It's always a fun Christmas parade to go to =)
I hope you all have a great Weekend!!!  And don't forget our linkup Monday morning! =)

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