Wednesday Randoms

Happy Wednesday!!  I haven't been blogging as much lately because of some little laptop issues.  But hopefully I'm back!  We've been so busy lately.  I'm honestly hoping the rest of this month and next month we can slow down just a tad and enjoy this season.  
So just a post today with a bunch of random things.

I took the girls out the other evening after Brian had left for work for some pictures.  However they were really more interested in picking the little crab apples off the trees than anything ;)

I'll post the real pictures soon!

After we went and visited Brian at work.  Emma loves to visit him there, Alyx on the other hand as soon as we get there she says "home, home" haha 

 You can't see Alyx's face, but she wasn't impressed to be sitting in the car =)

I know this will all come to a shock to those of you that read my blog, but I love coffee.  haha =)  Yesterday Brian bought me a new travel coffee mug...and I pretty much love it.

Emma saw it last night and said, "yup, you definately have to have your coffee first in the morning." She knows me too well =)

And speaking of coffee...I stopped at Starbucks the other day and grabbed a latte.  

I have never in my life seen such controversy over a red and green cup.  I personally think that red and green scream Christmas, and I love the plain red cup.  But that's just me. 
I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!


  1. I love Alyx's little head of girls peeking up from inside Brian's work vehicle! :) How sweet that he got you that mug... Emma's comment cracked me up, haha! The things they say! The latest I heard, from Ry, was (in no disrespectful way at all) "I love when you are angry; you make the best faces." Hahaha! :)

  2. Crab apple trees! I haven't seen one of those in probably 25 years. We had one in our yard when I was very young. My brother and I loved to pick the crab apples, too. :)
    Sweet Alxy, not impressed with Daddy's work - HA!
    That travel mug is so cute! I've been on the hunt for a cute mug and coming up short.
    And the red cup. I mean, come on. I'm with you. I think the red cup and green logo are TOTALLY Christmas!

  3. Ok- first how fun the girls got to visit Daddy at "work!" And- you aren't the only one with laptop issues! I just had to have a new hard drive installed and a new operating system put on it!! And can we talk about how much you realize you use/rely on your computer when you don't have it?? Hope your computer issues get worked out soon!! :)