My little Alyx Grace is two years old today.  Two.  I'm having a hard time grasping that two years have seriously already gone by.  It seems like it was honestly last week that we were preparing for her arrival.  The recovery after having Alyx was way more than I ever imagined (you can read about some of that HERE) but it was all worth it. 

They say that the second child is always completely different than the first.  In some ways I do agree with this.  Emma has always had a hard time getting to sleep at night....Alyx just lays down whenever you put her to bed and goes right to sleep.  Emma was the easiest baby/toddler to take places and would never make a peep....Alyx you pray and pray and pray whenever you take her out that she will behave and it usually ends with us wondering why in the world we decided to have dinner out! hahaha =)  Emma was and is quite shy....Alyx will ask anyone for a "huggie" and say "Byeeeee" and "Hiiiiii" to complete strangers.
Emma has been more of an amazing sister than I honestly could have ever imagined.

Alyx, you are a spunky crazy little two year old.  You talk and talk our ears off.  You are starting to put small 3-4 sentences together.  And I swear we hear 100 times a day, "Alyx do it?" You do something or say something everyday that has us in complete amazement.  We love you more than you will ever know.  Happy Birthday Baby girl.


  1. Isn't it fun to see the differences in each kid?! I LOVE the picture from when Emma was looking in the window at her new baby sister!!!

  2. It is amazing how alike yet how different each child can be. Alyx continues to grow more beautiful with each passing month!

  3. 2 already?! It goes by so fast. Happy Birthday sweet girl

  4. Two?! I remember you announcing your pregnancy like it was last week! It doesn't seem possible two years has passed.
    Happy Birthday, Alyx!