Thoughts for Thursday

Good Morning everyone!  I'm linking up today with Annie & Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday =)

I've missed the last couple of Thursdays linking up, so i'm glad to be back!

First off, am I the only one that is seriously excited for Christmas this year??  We have started our Christmas season soooo sooo early, and honestly i'm loving it.  I love all the decorations, and growing up my mom would decorate just a couple of weeks before Christmas and then take everything down just before the New Year.  There really wasn't a lot of time to enjoy all the decorations.  We have had our house completely decorated {minus the tree} for almost a week now.  The girls LOVE it!  Alyx is so into all the lights I have up, and she is going to love the Christmas tree lights.  Speaking of Christmas and trees, make sure you come back here tomorrow for a fun little announcement! And no, i'm not pregnant! haha =)

There is one thing about this time of the year that I despise...I leave for work in the morning when it's dark and when I get out of work at 4pm it's getting dark.  

I don't have the luxury of leaving my office at all during the day, so I feel like most days I don't see sun light at all.  I took this picture the other day on my way home from work.  

Bonus though, that same night when I got home from work Brian and the girls had dinner completely made and ready when I walked through the door =)

And our favorite wine as well!  Alyx was VERY excited as you can see to have dinner! hehe =)

Okay, so since I got on the topic of things I despise...I also don't like this...

When you get into the car to bring your oldest to school and the windows are completely covered in frost.  #iwasborntoliveinwarmweather
I need to remember to start my car earlier so it defrosts.  Or Brian needs to buy me a car starter for Christmas...I like that idea the best! ;)

I had a meeting at work yesterday and my mom watched Alyx, so after I met up at the mall with them and we did a little shopping.

And sipped on some wonderful Starbucks.  I love their reusable JOY mugs, and not a bad price for $2.00!  Alyx thoroughly enjoyed dragging the bag around too =)

Brian had training all day yesterday so we met up for dinner when he was done at our favorite sushi restaurant.

Both girls were with us, and I have to share my proud mom moment.  There was an older couple probably in their late 60's early 70's that were sitting across from us.  They kept looking over at us and would kind of smile at us.  I was trying to keep Alyx happy, and as this couple were getting ready to leave the gentleman walked over to Brian and I and said, "you both are doing something right as parents because both of your children are exceptionally well behaved" =)  Hearing that made me want to cry.  It really really meant so much to me that a complete stranger told us this.  I like to think my girls are well behaved, and for a complete stranger to compliment them and us, it made my heart smile <3

That's it for today, I hope you all have a great Thursday and remember to check back tomorrow for that announcement! =)


  1. I am excited for Christmas and LOVE having a tree up in the girls' room! I really want to get out the rest of the stuff and may do that this afternoon or this weekend. Eek... I just can't wait!!!

    Why do we always think "PREGNANT" when someone has an announcement? Haha! Not gonna lie... I thought it. :-) Can't wait to see what it is.

    How sweet that Brian had supper and wine waiting for you; that's the best!

  2. I have been craving some sushi!! Your's looks so good!! And you are absolutely doing something right momma- it is evident through your pictures your girls are absolutely precious!!!

  3. Though we don't get the cold and snow it gets so dark so early for us! I mean, the sun is looooong gone way before 5.
    And, woohoo for such a great compliment on the girls at the restaurant. I'm always so worried about our kids behavior when we gone anywhere. But, serious props to you and the girl!!

  4. Nothing makes a Momma's heart happier than being complimented. Especially in public by a stranger. I am so proud when this happens.