Phew!!  So I was gone from blogging pretty much all of last week.  My laptop decided right out of the blue to just stop working.  I was paranoid, worried, and basically wanted to cry.  I usually have all of my photos backed up on an external hard-drive, but life got busy and it had been a few months since I had done so.  Thankfully, I know an amazing computer guy that owns his own business and he fixed my laptop, and saved all of my photos! Hallelujah!  =)

So a recap of what's been going on.  I took the girls out the other evening after Brian left for work to do a few photos of them.  Well, neither of them were in the mood to have photos taken, but I did manage to get a few good ones =)

I need to order these on canvas asap!  I actually ordered a canvas last week from SAMs club and I am highly impressed with it!

This weekend went by so fast!  We had a really great weekend.  Friday night Emma has basketball until 7pm, so we ordered takeout chinese and had that at home.  Saturday morning/afternoon I decorated the inside of our house with all of our Christmas stuff.  I know, I know, so early, but i'm totally into the Christmas spirit that I wanted it out!!  Late Saturday afternoon the girls and I headed to my parents house for the night.  My mom ordered out pizza for us, and then I ended up with the worst migraine ever, so I was in bed at 8pm.  Thankfully when I woke up Sunday morning it was gone.  We spent Sunday morning with my cousin and her kiddos for a few hours.  It was so nice for the kids to get together and for my cousin Kate and I to just chat and have coffee.  I wish we lived closer for those reasons.

Alyx didn't want to get down on the floor because her cousins have a brand new puppy and she was a little leery of him! hehe =)

Now that my laptop is back and working I'll be here blogging all week =)  I hope you all have a great Monday!!



  1. Yay! So glad you are back!! Your photos are AMAZING!!! Aaron ended up having to replace my hard drive and we got a new operating system put on my computer. Thankfully- that seems to have solved the problem!
    So glad you didn't lose your photos!!! Hope you have a great week!!

  2. For not being into having photos taken you snagged some AMAZING pics of the girls!!
    So many people have started decorating for Christmas already, I'm just itching to get my stuff out, but Scott insists we wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Gah! I'm ready for twinkly lights and Christmas trees already!

  3. I am so glad he was able to fix your laptop! Whew!!! I love all the pictures you took, especially the one of Alyx and Emma sitting together. Alyx's eyes in that last one at the top... so blue and beautiful!

    I *almost* got our Christmas stuff out Sunday. The girls got their tree and ornaments out for their room. I am sure I will be pulling the rest out very soon!!